Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mail your congressmen.

Here is a copy of mail I sent to McCain, Kyl, and Flake, my "representatives". Please, WHATEVER your concerns are, write your congressmen. Don't let them think that people aren't watching them. Don't let them think that people don't care. Will it do any good, I don't know. But at least you've done your best.
This e-mail is going to Mr. McCain, Mr. Kyl, and Mr. Flake.

I have written to the three of you numerous times, the last time about
impeachment of the president who is selling out our country and the shame
that he brings to this country. I got a reply from one of you, Mr. Flake,
and that was basically that he hasn't done anything to merit impeachment,
sorry, bye. The other two of you, like Bush, apparantly think you're above
having to answer to the people who put you in office.

Bush has been a disgrace to this country from the day he with help
from Jeb, got put in office. He has lied to us and the world regarding the
reasons for the war... he has been responsible for the death of over 2000
good Americans... he and his watchdog Cheney has brought corruption to
American government the likes of which I have never seen, and the results
of that corruption are pulled from our pockets daily.

Americans speak with every poll taken. Foreign countries speak with every
trip he takes. We have lost the respect of the rest of the world that our
forefathers took centuries to develop.And our "representatives" ignore it

As Bush has said, if you support the terrorists, you are a terrorist and
you are our enemy.The same goes for our "representatives". If a
representative supports the corruption and lies, they are corrupt and they
are liars, and they should not be in office.

My circle of influence is not large, but I will do everything in my power
to make sure that next term, we have representatives that listen to us.
The funny thing about a circle of influence is that everyone has one. If I
can influence 50 voters, and they can influence 50 voters, etc., how long
would it take before the three of you were on the outside looking in.

I am an independent voter and could care less about the party of the
people in office. Comment sense, honesty, the will to listen to the
people, and the guts to stand up for what's right are the four traits I
want in anyone representing me. Hopefully next term we can get people with
all four of these traits.

Mr. Flake (and Mr. McCain and Mr. Kyle, if either of you can be bothered
this time) could you tell me what there was about President Clinton's
actions that merited impeachment procedures to begin that was worse than
Bush's actions? I'm not a Clinton supporter necessarily, but I'd like to
try to understand the reasoning in our congress.

Thank you


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dumb and dumber

Bush and Cheney... What a set of braincells.

Bush says we'll stay in the fight till we achieve victory.

What will victory be? How will we know when we've won over there? Will the nutcases with bomb vests wave a white flag and say "yup, you win?" Will the radicals see Bush's vision of a new Iraq and decide he's right and the American way should be Iraq's way?

Maybe they'll all drop Allah and go for Jesus?

Get your head out of your ass, Bush. You're not fighting a win or lose war. The people you're trying to win against are fanatics. How can you reason with someone who is willing to blow themselves into hamburger in the name of Allah? Iraq is a wall, and you're using American troops as your head beating against that wall.

When will we have victory? Tell us your criteria for winning so we have a target to aim for. We'll leave when _______ happens, fill in the blank, or have someone else do it since words definitely aren't your forte.

And Cheney, you are just a disgusting little opportunist that wants to stomp on anyone who disagrees with your little clique. If you weren't VP you'd be a nothing, and in three more years, that's exactly what you will be.

Like the bullies in school, all they know is fight. Always right, and if you disagree, you're a communist.

Someone tell me when we've won. Until then I guess it's OK to lose our men to the fanatics, whether it's the Iraqis or Bush and his pack of idiots

Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's too bad,,,

I'm surprised. I thought I'd get a lot of hate comments regarding the last post about how I was a rotten American, and I should leave if I don't like it, and our government is wonderful and blah blah blah. But most of the comments agreed or at least didn't argue a whole lot. It got me thinking about how most of the trouble in the world is generated either by a countries government, or organized religion.

Most people, at least from what I've heard, or read, or experienced want one thing. A good life for themselves and for their families. That's all.

Most people don't mind paying prices that give a company a fair profit. They also abhor a company that takes advantage of them. But governments get a cut of that profit too, so they're in no hurry to stop gouging.

Most people don't mind taxes as long as they can understand where they're going, and understand that it's a worthwhile reason. Most reasons aren't worthwhile. Protect us, feed us if needed, help us when we ask for it and make our everyday living (roads, buildings, law enforcement) a good way of life.

Most people know that their government is crooked, but have no idea how to stop it. I know my congressmen (McCain, Kyle and Flake are as useless as tits on a bull, written to them numerous times and got only one form letter back from Flake, and that was pretty much "deal with it")

Most people don't give a rat's ass about the speckled blue-titted horned owl. Activists do, and they have the money, so sometimes good things go undone so we don't disturb a nest.

Most people are tolerant of other races/religions. Most religions and governments aren't, except for when it makes bad press for them.

Most people are charitable. Some charities aren't and take advantage of disasters to line their own tax-protected pockets.

Unfortunately most people just want to live their lives quietly and peacefully. They don't want power, they'd like to get rich, but it's not an overwhelming passion, living comfortably works for them.

The governments and religions are generally run by the few who want extreme power or extreme wealth. They don't give a damn who gets hurt and who suffers.

These are the ones that bulldoze us, the tell us it's for our "own good".

I wish more of the "most people" ran things

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I am sick of America

I am sick of my country. I love what our country started out being, I love what our forefathers meant for our country to be, what it could have still been if not for greed and stupidity.

I hate what it's become.

I hate politicians that wage their own private battles against each other's party, and WE'RE the casualties of that war.

I hate the fact that we've turned into the world's bully.

I hate the companies that have become the leaders of our country with their lobbies, profits from OUR pockets, and their influence on our country.

I hate voters that blindly follow their party no matter what they do.

I hate the conservatives AND the liberals.

I hate the fact that we've stopped having a government by the people and for the people.

I hate the fact that it doesn't matter where we WANT our tax dollars to go, they're going to pork bloated who-gives-a-fuck projects that apparently are filling our so-called representatives pockets.

I hate that our representative aren't representing us anymore.

I hate our president and our vice president. They've been the biggest mistake that we've made in history. Two oil people running the country. Is it no surprise that we're in our second war in 5 years in oil producing countries, and the oil companies are all reporting record profits? Talk about the kids running the candy store.

I hate the war, it's only purpose is to get the people WE support (and who will support us) into office there so Bush can have all the influence he can get in the oilfields there. I support the troops entirely, in fact I'm scared to death for them. Honor the troops, good idea... let them come home... on their own two feet, not in a box... and rejoin their families.

I hate that the so-called reason for said wars is still running free. Remember Osama?

And I hate the fact that there seems to be nothing we can do about it anymore.

Sure you'll say "then leave". Shades of Vietnam... "Love it or leave it"

Sure, that's constructive. That solves the problem. Idiots. How bout "Love it, leave it, or fix it"

I'd rather you tell me how it can be fixed. The people here have the money to fix most anything, if the politicians and businesses keep their greedy sweaty pig-hands out of the pot.

Don't tell me to write my representatives. I have, on at least three occasions, got a form letter out of one of them, once. Apparently McCain, Flake, and Kyl can't be bothered.

Don't tell me to vote, I do that, even though last time the choices were pretty slim, the monkeyman or Lurch.

I love America... I love Americans. I hate, I detest, I loath what the American government has become. I'd love to be proud of America again. That would take cleaning house entirely and getting honest people in office.

Could it happen? It could. Will it? I doubt that. Power is expensive, and honesty doesn't pay as well as greed, lying and selling out the office you're running for before you even have it.

I can wish... I can hope...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Old fart-itus

Getting old is a pure bitch. You think about things you never thought of, do things you never thought you'd do. For those of you over 50 like I am I hope you can relate... If not it's worse than I thought, and I might have to slit my wrists... So remember that before you tell me you don't think like this at all.

First thing is, you worry about how much sleep you get. Too much.. too little.... I go to bed around nine and wake up at 3:30. Now you'll say "sure, you stupid ass, go to bed later!". But if I go to bed at say 11, I get up at 4:00, then I need a nap. Sorry bastard I am, I know, but that's the way it is. I used to get up Friday morning, go to class, and finally get to bed sometime Sunday. This is when I was in college and too stupid to know I was stupid.

What you eat is a big deal now too. I still eat the same crap I always did (Hostess cupcakes are miniature black Gods, and Twinkies are phallic idols)... But now I worry about what they're doing to my Buddhist shaped body. But not enough to stop worshiping them. I'll die early, I'm sure, but my twinkie-filled gut will never decompose!

Speaking or guts, bowels are a big thing now too. When you get to this age, crap is like sleep, is there too much? Not enough? Is it too loose, too hard? Shaped wrong? Colored wrong? There's no good guidelines, no pictures of the perfect turd, so it's all speculation. Now I don't go to doctors cause they keep mentioning that they'd like to make a movie star of my intestines, and sorry, they're camera shy.

Then there's the pain that surely is the prelude to death, whether a chest pain(heart attack), stomach pain(appendix), back ache(kidney problems), sore knees (arthritis), or leg pains (clots). They haven't killed me yet, but still, it's always the next one that gets you, right?

When you're young you eat what you want, sleep when you want, shit when you want, ignore pains, and just get drunk, high, or laid.

Old age.... God's ultimate gotcha before the ULTIMATE ultimate gotcha. I'd give him a piece of my mind, but I notice that's going too...

Now it's getting late, gotta take my medicine and get ready for bed....


Friday, September 16, 2005

flip the name, flip the blame

I hear the righteous Republicans saying "Don't play the blame game! By the way, it was the governor and mayor's faults" and their long spiels about poor slandered Bush. I hear the Democrats jumping and yelling about bush and his mishandling of everything that's happened.

Now the funny thing is... let's imagine Bush hadn't stolen the election in 2000. We have Gore for president. Let's say the exact same things had happened. I know, the liberals will jump up and say "oh, but it wouldn't have!" but let's just say it did.

Right now, the conservatives would be giving long speils about the mishandling of everything that's happened. The liberals would be saying "Don't play the blame game! By the way, it was the governor and mayor's fault"

See, that's the problem. It's not really the issues that everyone argues. It's the party label on the guy in office.

Not a way to fix problems I think.

Now the issue of Halliburton getting contracts and pulling back on the Davis-Bacon act so they don't have to pay the normal wages.... Sorry GOP, your man IS stealing our money, sticking it in his buddies pockets, and thumbing his nose at the workers who won't get a fair wage. If it was Gore, HE would be a crook too. Sleaze has no party affiliations.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I don't wanna go to work today. I feel lazy, tired, uninspired, and want to sit here on my fat ass and watch cartoons and old sitcoms...

On the flip side I like money.....